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Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter

Peanut butter vs Almond Butter

Peanut butter has been the undisputed king of kitchens for a long time now. With the advent of various types of natural nut butters entering the mix, we are not sure anymore.

When it comes to its premium-priced cousin, it is always a close call. Let’s get to the deep end and find out the answers once and for all.

As a starting statement, it is safe to say that most nut butters are similar in composition. Well, more or less. Let’s dig in to the details:

Calories and Sugar

Both nut butters are more or less similar in calories and sugar content. They both dole up roughly 200 calories per serving (2 tablespoons). Nut butters are ridiculously rich in calories compared to other foods, so, if you are watching calories, one, neither is better than the other. Two, watch how much butter you are spreading on your bread. 

Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber

Peanut butter is invariably deskinned before it is introduced in the process of making it a butter. Thus, we are losing important fiber content. Leaving the peanut skin in the process is not an option as that makes the nut butter weird in texture and extends a rather deep influence in the taste. Almond, with it’s thicker skin does not affect the nut butter so badly and it grinds evenly. This makes Almond Butter the winner when it comes to fiber.

It also has a better composition of minerals and vitamins. So, round two goes to almonds. 


Nut Butters, in general, are a great source of vegetable protein.

Peanut butter has 7.1 grams of protein and almond butter has 6.7. Peanut is the winner. If you want to include just one nut butter in your protein-rich diet, it would have to be peanut butter.

Healthy Fats

We have tried time and time again to debunk the myth about fats but we are up against so much material and years and years of conditioning. Fat is good. What kind of fat is the question. The type of fat is what becomes the decisive factor. Most nuts are rich in Monunsaturated fats – this is the sort of fat that makes your heart happy. 

Almond butter has almost 25% more monounsaturated fat than peanut butter. While peanut butter has 100% more of saturated fat than Almond butter. Saturated fat in moderation is not bad for your health but have too much of it and your cholesterol readings start to go up.

To sum it up, the winner is clearly Almond Butter.

However, adding nut butters or nuts in your diet aides your overall health immaterial of what nut it is. From a strictly nutritional perspective, Almond butter is a clear winner.

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