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Make A Resolution That You Can Keep


It's the first week of 2019. It's that time of the year - wherever you go, people ask you about what your resolution for the new year is. We have done this many times over. 

You think about your life long and hard. You figure out what you want to change, you make a plan and you tell yourself lot's of nice things to make yourself feel good and you go at it with full steam. Over the course of a couple of months, you weigh in the immediate benefit over the long-term hustle and you slowly lose steam and give in to all the bad habits that have crept into your life over the years. No immediate reward for your daily grind and before you know it, your new year resolution is a distant memory.

What if? Just, what if we told you we can reward you for adding one healthy habit into your life, this year. 

Throughout the month of January 2019, we are giving a 15% storewide discount for all orders over Rs. 750. And to reward you to continue to inculcate the healthy habit of adding nut butters into your diet, we will give you a unique coupon code which you can use for the next 6 months and the coupon code will fetch you an additional 15% discount on all orders? 

Sounds good? We earnestly hope this will help you add a healthy ingredient into your diet every single day and further motivate you to add many more. 

Use FITFOR6 at checkout to avail the 15% discount this month and once we have received your order, within 48 hours, we'll send you a mail with a unique coupon code that you can further use till the 31st of July

With that, we wish you a very happy 2019. 



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