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About us

Founded in 2016, all over nuts endeavours to spread good health and wellness to the people of Bangalore and beyond.  we are a home-based food & beverages startup from Bangalore. which entails that all our products aren’t factory or mass-produced, but instead are wholesomely and handsomely homemade and absolutely wonderful. 

small batchnatural ingredients

we handcraft, nuts & dry fruit based food products from our home-based kitchen, each one of our delicacy is prepared in small batch only upon receiving an order, with the best possible ingredients sourced directly from local and like-minded producers! Thus its uniquely fresh, delicious, and nutritious.

no added sugarclean hygiene

our mission is to follow a promise we made to ourselves when we started off in 2016, that is to support sustainable, nutritious eating habits among our customers.
earth friendlyno added preservatives
we know that we are building something together that has never existed before. in this journey, we might make mistakes and things might go crazy as well, but we are ready to embrace the ups and downs and are open to learning from and teaching each other.
there you go! that was quite a brief one:-). Thank you for taking out time to read a little about us, Please join our family of friends on Facebook (@allovernuts) & Instagram (@allovernuts) as well.